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Forsys software take care of the mathematics

related to information being gathered by a research

and development team. This can be done by manually

entering data or it can be compiled via a company

website. For example, if a car company wants

to find out what features consumers liked best

about a specific model, they may take a poll

on their website. R&D software would be enabled

to gather, compile, and compute

this information as a statistic.


Other types of programs that can be R&D software

are business presentation systems that allow

the information gathered to be displayed

in an easy to read and attractive manner.

Users may create spreadsheets, graphs, or charts 

to do this. Slide shows and movie clips

may also be used to present materials. 


Research and development not only provides organizations and businesses with information they need

to more effectively market their products, but also

helps them know what products are missing

from the marketplace. Gaining customer insight

allows them to create items tailored

to consumer demand. R&D software can aid

in this task by helping in the design

of these new products.


Forsys is currently offering 3 products:

Forsys Decisionmaker™

Forsys Quantum™

Forsys Biocomputing™

Forsys is member of the ICT Cluster 

a collaborative research, development and innovation platform

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