In Forsys Decisionmaker™

the decision problem is first

decomposed into a hierarchy

of more easily comprehended

sub-problems, each of which

can be analyzed independently.

The elements of the hierarchy

can relate to any aspect

of the decision problem

— tangible or intangible,

carefully measured

or roughly estimated,

well-or poorly-understood.


Once a decision tree is built,

the decision makers evaluate

its various elements using

concrete data for the elements

or their own judgments

about the elements' relative

meanings and importance.

In the final step of the process,

numerical priorities are

calculated for each

of the decision alternatives.

Forsys decisionmaker™
is based on multi-criteria
decision analysis (MCDA),
Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP),
analytic network process
(ANP — extension of AHP),
multi-attribute value theory
(MAVT), multi-attribute utility
theory (MAUT) and multi-
attribute global inference
of quality (MAGIQ).

Besides evaluation of alter-
natives and finding the best
solutions Forsys decisionmaker™
features additional tools
for effective decision analysis:
 • Pairwise comparison
 • Time analysis
 and time optimization
 • Sensitivity analysis
 and fuzzy logic calculations
 • Risk aversion measurement
 • Group evaluation (teamwork)
 • Graphic or visual
 presentation tools
 • Web-based version

Forsys Decisionmaker™

Forsys decisionmaker™ is a framework

to develop decision making tools

and decision support systems used

to structure information, identify

and solve problems and make decisions.